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EParser is the first E language parser on the market, developed using the Java technology.

E language is the functional verification of electronic designs language (see for more details). AMIQ is an active contributor to the IEEE 1647 standard.

There must be a parser at the core of any application which handles E language constructs. This parser is specifically designed to speed-up the development of E based design automation tools. Users avoid spending time building the E language recognition layer, instead they focus on the added value of their application.

EParser reads in E source code and outputs the abstract syntax tree (AST). The AST may be used as input to various applications like pretty printers, analyzers, translators, code instrumentation tools etc.


EWalker - Reference Tree Grammar

As a further step to reduce the development effort, EParser ships with a reference tree visitor (EWalker) in the form of an ANTLR grammar. This grammar is very similar with the E language BNF.

With actions embedded within the grammar rules, you can manipulate the tree (translators), collect meaningful data (analyzers), rewrite the source code according to specific format (pretty printing), rewrite instrumented source code (code coverage), etc.


Some of the applications developed on top of EParser are:

Company DVT Verification

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